Empower Your Movement.

Have you always wanted to move with full knowledge and awareness? When you train at Club Calisthenics, you don’t just get a workout, you get a lifelong regimen for optimal health.


At Club Calisthenics we use bodyweight-based skills to get your joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons prepared to do MORE in everyday life, and in your fitness pursuits. Join the movement, and begin your new life with a community passionate about supporting and helping you achieve your goals.


Your Abilities Are A Product Of Your Strength!

There are 3 types of Strength Classes: UPPER, LOWER and 360º. These strength classes combine bodyweight and traditional strength training methods. Students will use a variety of equipment and exercises to build total-body strength that will lead to the development of new skills including; front lever, back lever, planche, muscle-up, handstand pushup, one arm chin-up, human flag, manna, deadlift, squat, pistol squat, cossack squat, nordic curl and lunge.


Build Strength And Play!

We've got 2 types of handstand classes: BASICS and SKILLS. The BASICS classes are perfect if you are a beginner looking to gain comfort upside down or if you are looking to build your handstand endurance. The Skills classes will take it up a notch and are perfect for the more advanced hand balancer to work on handstand press, handstand shapes and single-arm training. These classes are fun and community-driven. We'll take you through progressions, shapes, spotting techniques, and the adequate conditioning to sustain your upside-down physique. This class will provide the strength and mobility training necessary to achieve a handstand, handstand press, and other inverted skills.


Intentionally Prepare For Adventures Ahead

There are 2 types of Mobility Classes: TARGET and BASE. The TARGET classes will focus on the skill of the day, while the BASE will be general mobility. These classes both combine strength and flexibility training to create mobility in the joints and spine. The movements will complement the training in the strength and hand balance classes and will also help minimize injuries. Plus, mobility work makes our bodies feel good!


Dive Into Calisthenics Skills With Extra Support

Our intensives are an opportunity for members to focus on a specific skill (rotates monthly). These classes will provide members with a deeper understanding of that skill and more targeted training with their coach. 

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