Calisthenics for Deskworkers Course


Club calisthenics


28-Day Guide

We'll do the work for you! If you're not sure where to start or need some direction, follow this monthly workout plan. Stay accountable and on track with your progress every month and see real results. 


"Mini Break" Routines

These quick follow-along mobility workouts (3x) can be done right from your office (or your desk), during a coffee break, or mid-day, to give your hips, neck, wrists, back, and shoulders the relief it craves! 


Desk Cheat Sheets

Download and print these PDF's with mobility exercises and stretches you can do during your work day. The visual photos and tips will keep you on track so you can really stick with creating some stellar desk-habits. 


Full Mobility Workouts

When you have an extra 30min in your day, follow-along with custom mobility videos that will give you extra love for your back, neck, hips, and shoulders! Mobility work doesn't mean easy ... you'll feel these small movements!

Just 5 min a day. No equipment needed.

These gentle follow-along vids are even more important than the strength and skill work you enjoy during your workouts. 

The struggle is real.

Sitting at a desk does a number on our bodies. We are tight, literally everywhere, our necks are strained, our shoulders are hunched forward, and our lower limbs are numb from a lack of circulation. Most likely sitting at a desk, or driving for long hours does more damage to our bodies, long-term, than we even realize. You deserve a body that feels good through the stressful work week.

The progress will be slow and steady, but sustainable and real.

Our culture is obsessed with unrealistic expectations a quick fixes that do not take into account aging, injury, body type, and ability. These are 100% NOT SUSTAINABLE for life. We WILL do better.


Coach Grace has always been passionate about movement. She has years of experience working with clients just like you and understands everyday stressors and how they affect the body and mind. Grace is well-trained in calisthenics and bodyweight techniques to minimize and reduce that stress. She will walk you through the pain points and mobility relief work.