This Is Your Guide to Bodyweight Calisthenics & Gymnastic Strength Trainers and Facilities Around The Globe!

Club Calisthenics co-founder Crystal Hatch has trained with ALL of the following facilities, trainers and world-class coaches, so we can personally vouch for the integrity and training methods of our worldwide friends.


Balance Fitness + Flexibility 

– Hauppauge, New York, US –

Elise Ingenito is the founder of this bodyweight fitness facility in Hauppauge, New York. Her goal is to help students develop strong and mobile bodies with fun and smart classes. Elise also makes sure that each class preps students for optimal joint health and stability to increase strength, ROM, injury prevention and overall superior quality of movement. You DEFINITELY will want to check out this space when you're on the East Coast.


Bodytree Academy

– Teo Hong Rd, Singapore –

Bodytree Academy, owned by Daniel Chan and Lay Yong offers students in Singapore the chance to learn bodyweight-based skills alongside Pilates methodology to keep students healthy and strong. 


This is our go-to training spot for the Southeast Asian region, and perfectly suited for your next vacay!


Calisthenics Training Center

– Nashville, Tennessee, US –

Welcome to the South! There's NO better spot to train when you're down south, than the Calisthenics Training Center. Owners Dustin Del Rio & Ashley Dance offer classes alongside personal training sessions and workshops that use calisthenics, acrobatics, and handstand training as their method to strength and victory! Their motto? “Learn to Master Your Body!" and we can safely say that this is no exaggeration ;)


Esh Circus Arts

– Boston, Massachusetts, US –

More than a circus training center, this Boston fitness facility is all about learning to 'fly' and having fun! If you want to gain confidence, strength, heightened body awareness and proper technique, you'll want to check them out.


Regardless of your skill level, you are welcome and encouraged to find your folly with the Esh Circus Arts Center!


Forma Strength

– Gloucester, UK –

We love this wife and husband duo ... Claire Berthier and Wesley Tan opened up shop in 2015, and have been going strong ever since!


With more than 25+ weekly classes in the city of Gloucester and the nearby town of Stroud, UK, they've got you covered. Bonus? These owners are also osteopaths, so we rely on them for medical knowledge, tips and all of our questions. We highly recommend you make this stop a destination next time you're in the UK!



– Sydney, Australia –

Founded in 2015 by Dan Arnold & Tori Hand, Falsegrip knows what they are doing, and have established themselves as a leader in the bodyweight training world. Their motto: "There are no shortcuts!"


With around 50 courses each week, you'll be sure to find a few classes to fit in during your next Manly Beach vacation ... the perfect warm waters of the Southern hemisphere are calling ...!


Nirvana Strength

– Bali, Indonesia –

This is our FAVORITE destination vacation getaway ... and we love Nirvana Strength's full facility - equipped with a recovery center and home to international guests a-plenty!  Founder Ian Macleod opened up in the Spring of 2018 and he hasn't looked back since. Only 10 minutes from the beach on the southern end of the island, Nirvana Strength feels more like a vacation ... one where you can still train and learn new things (we love the Olympic Weightlifting Classes). Make sure to check out the sauna, recovery lounge, and cafe!


Physicality DC

– Washington, DC, US –

Right in the heart of the nation's capital, Physicality owner Chris Garay has a killer bodyweight gym not far from the National Mall in D.C.


With classes like mobility, foundations, prehab and strength building, you'll be sure to fuel your fitness needs while you spend time in this iconic city.



– Corvallis, Oregon, US –

We can't get enough of the Pacific Northwest culture and a big part of that is because of PNW GST founder Loren Fjord. His motto? The body you are born with is yours to take care of, for life. 


Loren's goal has always been to host a space of education, awareness, and a place that allows us to reconnect with our bodies. A mighty, just cause if you ask us ;)


Primal Gym

– Reykjavík, Iceland – 

In the mood to get 'primal' while you vacation in the pristine wonders of Iceland? Primal Gym is a favorite of ours not only because their courses on handstands and movement are killer, but they also offer seminars with some really cool guests.


Co-founder Crystal Hatch attended the Wim Hof Seminar in 2019, and can't wait to go back! Owners Helgi Freyr, Einar Axelsson, and Thor Gudnason have built something really special here.



– Seattle, Washington, US –

More than a training center, SANCA is proud to be recognized as a leader in youth circus arts – and they even offer courses on instructor training. As a non-profit, this facility offers workshops, private sessions, and classes for all ages. The work they do is important and necessary, and we support them whole-heartedly.


Club Calisthenics co-founder Crystal Hatch was pleased with her experience of hand balance training she got here and believes highly in their outreach and scholarship programs for youth.


San Diego Circus Center

– San Diego, California, US – 

Founder Jean-Luc Martin, trained Crystal Hatch when he traveled to Denver in circus-style hand balancing. No doubt, Jean-Luc is a master of cirque-style fitness his knowledge of all things inverted.


This San Diego Circus Center offers classes for all ages and excels at teaching aerials and Cirque-style bodyweight performance and art.


London School of Hand Balance

– London, UK –

A Handbalancing and acrobatics coach, Sainaa teaches all classes at the London School of Hand Balance. Crystal Hatch, the co-founder of Club Calisthenics, learned from Sainaa in a week-long Handstand workshop.


Crystal deeply appreciated Sainaa's ability to see each student where they are at and offer the perfect modifications.

Check them out on Facebook!


Your Calisthenics Trainer Guide Is Here!

Relationships, to us, are everything. Our friends around the world keep us motivated, encouraged and conquering our goals. These Coaches and athletes offer personalized sessions and workshops.

Andrii Bondarenko

– Worldwide –

We're still star-struck after world-renowned cirque artist Andrii visited Denver and trained Club Calisthenics co-founder, Crystal Hatch in hand balance.


Andrii is hands down, the most talented hand balancer in the world and one of the most accomplished acrobats in the world. His love of teaching is just the icing on the top, and we couldn't be more honored to call him a friend.


Irene Pappas

– Boulder, Colorado + Worldwide –

Irene calls herself "a lover of movement," and truly lives her practice. She teaches many styles of Yoga, alongside what she has gleaned after studying with hand balancers and movement artists from around the globe.


Irene is proud to offer both workshops and classes at her Boulder, CO studio – Bodhi Boulder Movement – alongside leading teacher training retreats and workshops, around the world.


Kyle Weiger

– Denver, Colorado + Worldwide –

Kyle is one of the most patient, fun and knowledgeable yogis around! This hand balance guru offers everything from international workshops to online training, one-on-one sessions and even helps folks develop and build their brands with marketing tools and classes.

Even though Kyle focuses on yoga, he also is passionate about hand balance techniques and personal growth. Kyle is a gem, and if you get the chance, take a class or workshop with him. You won't regret it :)


Motivity GST

– Sofia, Bulgaria –

Motivity's programs are led in Bulgaria’s capital by Radoslav Rangelov and Kristian Kiryakov. Their physical gym also offers group classes and personal training in addition to their online training.


Nacho GST 

– Lugo, Spain –

We love Nacho GST’s fun and inspiring social media posts that remind us why we love fitness! Nacho Varela Suarez teaches in-person training sessions in Spain (the northwestern region) as well as an online coaching program. With a passion for challenging his students in core building exercises, you'll be sure to learn a heap load from Nacho.


Simonster Strength

– Melbourne, Australia + Worldwide –

We get giddy when we talk about our FRIEND Simon Ata ... no big deal, he's just one of the BEST Calisthenic pros and coaches in the world!


Simon is a master at programming and his methods are backed by science AND performance art, a culmination of his degree in Physiotherapy and background in break-dancing. Simon offers workshops, online coaching, and training e-books to students around the world. We love Simon because he is SO humble, and fascinates us, with every move and progression ... every time :)


The Phoenix Movement 

– Australia + Worldwide –

We are super lucky to call husband and wife duo Winter and Darin friends and influencers. They have a combined 30 years of fitness industry experience and offer workshops alongside online training programs. Their specialty? Bodyweight training AND Jump Rope training ... this duo is so inspiring, and we HIGHLY encourage you to take advantage of their progressive and fun training programs.


Tom Merrick - The Bodyweight Warrior 

– Worldwide – 

Better known globally as The Bodyweight Warrior, Tom is a beast in the fitness industry. He teaches with a combination of two of the biggest influences in his life, bodyweight strength & mobility training and Jungian masculine archetypes. The Bodyweight Warrior offers both workshops, online training, and even a workout app!


Ulrik on Hands

– Vienna + Worldwide –

A self-taught hand-balancer with no formal education ... Ulrik is an inspiration. He has become one of the TOP hand balancers in the world and offers both personal training sessions alongside global workshops.