Club Calisthenics uses progressive bodyweight-based exercises to help your body achieve a balanced musculature and healthy ligaments and tendons. Our team is passionate about staying on top of the cutting edge fitness practices and are knowledgeable about the science behind our practice. We use calisthenics skills to slowly build your body from the ground up! Regardless of your skill level, we’ll help you build a body that can move better while playing with some fun skills at the same time.



At Club Calisthenics our practice is rooted in a body-positive culture that allows each individual to find their strengths and develop the kind of movement and skill that they desire! We acknowledge that the journey is so different for each unique individual, and our community-first vision is one where we help each other achieve our specific goals. Our progressive bodyweight-based exercises allow you to achieve strength and full-body health, safely and effectively.


Empower Your Movement.

Club Calisthenics came to fruition through a long journey of transformation and represents our shared human experience of finding empowerment and strength through loss or hardship. 


Calisthenics has traditionally been male-dominated … until sisters and founders, Crystal and Holly Hatch decided to take on this former street-style workout, and modify it so it is available to anyone interested in bodyweight-based workouts based around fun and challenging skills and progressions. 


Crystal and Holly are no strangers to the fitness industry as they both have worked for and helped develop programs and content inside GymnasticBodies, and Crystal’s former company, Awaken Gymnastics in Denver, Colorado.

Club Calisthenics is the first female-owned one-of-a-kind online calisthenics program that focuses on fostering and developing healthy relationships with our bodies, and our worldwide community. Our culture is one that is rooted in a celebration of our uniqueness while gaining confidence and finding our deeper empowerment.  


Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, and move with freedom and strength using smart bodyweight and gymnastic-based exercises and drills. Our classes and programming are constantly evolving, as our passion for learning from others keeps us committed to knowledge in the fitness industry.


Join the community movement and find bigger reasons to train for the journey ahead.