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Workout Dread: Tips to Change Your Perspective

Inside our calisthenics fitness journey, visualizing our goals and dreams is what gives us the inspiration to take steps that lead us in a desired direction. It’s why our dreams are so beautifully important to us; and it’s why we’re so defensive of our life’s work.

Mind Over Matter

As adult adventure seekers and fitness enthusiasts, we dream big dreams: we aspire to climb 14ers, raft the rocky waters of the rivers, do handstands, or master the stair run at our favorite outdoor venue. We are on a constant journey to do more with our bodies. And we are constantly pushing ourselves to the limit.

Visualization exercises and techniques are things I learned from a young age, mostly because as a writer, I loved being able to write a story or a wish down – and regardless of the outcome, I was in control of the colors, the experience; or delighted in fantasizing about the possibilities of the end result. In that one moment of writing a dream down, I could create a perfect world filled with tangible delights, inexplainable accomplishments, or daring adventures. As an adult, I have been working to re-create my physical self, and confidence level through my training and recovery in bodyweight fitness. My goals include having a rock-solid body, a more balanced and positive mindset, and the strength (mental and physical) that will allow me to function at my highest in the Mile High City. But like everyone, there are times I feel stuck; times I know I need a perspective switch.

We all have tangible ways of changing our perspective.There are many types of visualization techniques, reminders and movement tools we can choose to use to help us grow and progress into a deeper awareness of ourselves. Here are a few tips for engaging with a new perspective in your fitness journey as an evolving human and in your training:

Just Breathe

Various types of meditation and breathing exercises are helpful for us to practice when working on changing our perspective and visualizing our growth. In moving a stagnant breath to a fluid movement of new energy, focusing on our breath helps us release toxins and fill our bodies with fresh reserves. We can inhale the negative aspects of our world (negative self-talk, anger), and exhale our goals and peace (I am strong, confident, worthy). Breathing is a key component in our strength training and recovery. ClubCal urges students to push their limits and use their breath to both cool down the body, and to push past the discomfort or strenuous moves.

Show Up

In my fitness pursuits my mental block was one of the hardest parts of my training. But I realized that showing up consistently to a workout was key. After all, I never felt bad after a workout, or had regrets about my time spent training. The hardest part of anything in life, is showing up. The rest is simply movement. Often times we have difficulty showing up consistently because our accountability level (when it comes to our health and well-being) takes a back-burner level of importance. Having a workout buddy makes this so much easier. Keeping each other accountable is one of the most useful tools to a regimented fitness routine.

Find Your High – forget the BS

When we move our bodies, and push ourselves physically, something quite magical happens. Although science tells us it’s the endorphins rapidly moving and firing in our bodies, there is nothing quite like the high we get when we push our bodies through discomfort to bliss. Maybe it’s the runner’s high that keeps us in ‘drive’ mode – focused on the nirvana that comes when we keep pushing, just a little bit further. Or maybe it’s the 90-second handstand hold that keeps us aware of each intricate constriction of our shoulders, or strain on our wrists. In focusing on the body, making modifications, and becoming acutely tuned in to each muscle or tendon, we are able to let go of all of the negative self-talk, and mindless chatter.

Change Your Environment

We all have highs and lows in our fitness training: We plateau, get stronger, or maybe take a break from our training because of our busy lives, an injury, or a career switch. When you feel stuck in your routine, or are lulling in a lack of motivation, try changing your immediate environment. Step away from the mirror, off the scale and away from your routine. Reconnecting with ourselves amidst a larger backdrop of life is so important in our fitness training. Take a day hike up in the mountains or around the park, or a meander around the office building. With each physical pursuit and change of scenery, one thing remains and helps to bring us back to our goals: the way our bodies engage with the world around us due to our fitness journey. Personally, realizing that the awesome things my bod can do is because my calisthenics training gives me a new-found inspiration to push myself further; to become my best self.

Whatever ways you choose to fuel and lift your perspective to keep you motivated, centered and moving, our goal as humans is to push ourselves to become the best versions of who we are. Through working to constantly evolve our perspective, we can love our bodies and gains through the ever-changing and transforming process.

Nothing will ever hold you back if you keep #moving, working hard, #sweating, breathing and holding your mind above matter. Your #calisthenics #fitness #journey is worthy of all the hard work, trust us.

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