Have you ever lacked follow-through?

If only I was... "stronger, more fit, younger, had more money, not afraid to look silly", then I would try.

You're not alone! Here are 5 WAYS you WILL be successful training with ClubCal!

1.) Embrace your adventurous spirit!
The thought of looking silly doing something new can be terrifying but the world would be pretty boring if we were all naturally good at the same things. New things are scary, but you can do hard things.


2.) Money is tight but we're all on a budget.

Unless you are one of the wealthy few, this is true. Most in-person fitness facilities start at $15/class. The ClubCal ALL-ACCESS membership is only $1.30 a day.


3.) Find the tribe that's also looking for you.

In life, it's easy to feel like an outsider. But with us, you’re not just a member, you’re a part of our tribe and our big family! Our ClubCal members-only online group is a great place to share your progress, talk with other members, and receive tips on your training!


4.) EveryBODY can do the ClubCal program!

No, you don't have to be fit, ripped, flexible, or young to learn the ClubCal method and start seeing and feeling a difference. Because we’ve scaled our program to meet you where you're at, you can build your strength, one day at a time.


5.) It's on us to keep you motivated to work out!

The thought "I'm afraid I just won't stick with it" is real. We'll keep you on track with our monthly workout plans, members-only ClubCal group, and coach support. 

Club calisthenics

Why train with ClubCal?

ClubCal combines strength training with targeted mobility exercises that keep the joints and tendons healthy. You'll strengthen every joint in all ranges of motion, leading to a healthier, stronger body that doesn't burn out! At ClubCal, we aim to make fitness accessible to everyone while helping you prevent injury and allowing you to feel better in your body, day in and day out!

Here are the types of exercises you'll see in a ClubCal class.

Inside the ClubCal ALL-ACCESS Membership

Live ZOOM Classes

Weekly live ZOOM classes are in an intimate format so that you can connect with your coaches and community virtually! Our students say these classes feel like an in-person class!

Monthly 28-Day Workout Programs

We will guide you day-by-day and month-by-month so you can get the most out of your training. Each skill of the month will help you progress your body’s mobility and strength!

Modifications & Progressions

Regardless of where you start, our coaches include progressions and regressions, based on your current abilities. You’ll find that each class type is designed to meet you where you’re at!

Access to Courses

When you sign up for an ALL-ACCESS membership, you will also get access to select courses like our Deskworkers, Mobility, Stall Bar, and Intro to Calisthenics Course!

Exercise Library

A great resource for all the calisthenics exercises. We are constantly expanding this library as we bring you more content! If you'd rather build your own workouts, this library will be your go-to tool.

Members-Only Community

Our members-only online group is a great place to meet like-minded buddies! Post your progress, questions, and goals! We'll also give tips, updates and keep everyone motivated and connected!  

Check out the 4 Categories of ClubCal Classes:


These UPPER, LOWER and 360 Strength Classes will help you build total-body strength and may even lead to cool calisthenics skills like planche, pistol squat, human flag and levers!


These handstand workouts are a lot of fun and will help you develop strength, stability and balance as a beginner or work more skills as an advanced student. 


Strengthening joints in all ranges of motion leads to a healthier, stronger and more mobile body that won't burn out. We aim to help you feel better in your body.


From targeted areas of work that parallel your work on a certain skill, to general flexibility, these slower paced classes take you through stretches that allow your body to relax.

See what your body can DO, and how it can FEEL

Our culture is obsessed with unrealistic expectations – six-pack abs, bulging biceps, and thin physiques; all of these attributes do not take into account aging, injury, body type, and ability. These are 100% NOT SUSTAINABLE for life. We are committed to showing you what your body can DO, rather than what your body can look like.

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“After I had a stroke at age 58 and lost my peripheral vision, I needed a lifestyle change. I’ve never loved the gym; I just don’t have the self-motivation. What I needed was something that would get me fit, was fun and had an end goal. Since joining ClubCal, I’ve loved training and look forward to every session.

- David (retired)


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