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Crystal Hatch


Crystal has a passion for both business and fitness and has an extensive background as the former founder of Awaken Gym in Denver and online gymnastics strength training coach for GymFit.

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Holly Hatch


Holly's background in journalism and creative marketing have allowed her to work on her own terms. Fitness became a huge part of her life in 2012 when she used it as a tool to regain control of her life.


Grace Rockwell

Program Developer

Grace has always been passionate about movement. She has been teaching for over 8 years teaching yoga, barre, cycle, HIIT, gymnastics. Grace is a nutritionist who loves to help people heal their relationship with food and body. 


Goncalo Martins

Program Developer

Gonçalo is a GMB certified trainer with a background in engineering. He spends his time learning about biomechanics as it applies to strength training and encourages others to have patience and fun while training. He believes there is no need to sacrifice the body for instantaneous results.


Simon Ata

Simonster Strength

Simonster is a world leader in calisthenics training. Starting gymnastics at an early age, he became passionate about mastering control of the body and immersed himself in the world of bodyweight strength training. Simon Ata has been a huge support to Club Calisthenics and he partnered with us to create a follow-along Planche and Lever Course. We are truly lucky to consider him a partner and good friend. 

 Check out Simon's Planche and Lever Course Here

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Seth Richmond

ClubCal Coach

Seth spent his childhood playing every sport possible with his four brothers in northern Michigan. After earning a degree in computer engineering he moved to Colorado to be close to the mountains. Throughout his technical career, he turned to fitness for stress relief until finally making it his career in 2015. Seth found Bodyweight and Calisthenics training by chance and instantly became hooked to their extreme strength and focus on injury prevention. When Seth isn't working on his strength or flexibility in the gym he can be found playing in the mountains or crushing a Spikeball in the park.


Kyle Weiger

ClubCal Coach

Kyle Weiger is an international Handstand Coach with online Handstand Courses, weekend workshops, and destination Handstand retreats. He believes in mastering the basics and building on fundamentals in your Handstand practice. Everyone starts this journey at a different entry point, so the best thing any student can do is to move slowly and take the practice as it comes. With almost 6000 online students, Kyle has worked with body types of all shapes and sizes, and has drills up his sleeve for just about everyone!

Headshot_Jodie Watford-2.jpg

Jodie Watford

ClubCal Coach

Jodie has loved gymnastics for as long as she can remember and continues to pursue gymnastics-style conditioning. I/O Psychologist by trade, gymnastics has always been her passion. She loves the feeling of accomplishment inspired by gaining a new skill and hopes to help foster that same feeling in her students by helping them achieve their personal goals. Southern-bred and Denver bound, she’s been doing handstands and cartwheels at every stop along the way.


Arash Shirazian

ClubCal Coach

Through his own fitness journey over the past decade, Arash found his true passion: calisthenics. He has achieved moves like the front lever and planche. Arash is a NASM certified personal trainer and enjoys motivating others as well as seeing them successfully reach their fitness goals.

Paula Kidwell

ClubCal Coach

Paula Kidwell is a two-time Acrobatic Gymnastics National Champion and past Junior Olympic National Team Member. She studied at the prestigious Ecole National de Cirque in Montreal and has performed with a variety of circus companies including Vau de Vire Society, Velocity Circus, MOTH Poetic Circus, Handsome Little Devils, New Moon Chicago and more! Paula specializes in hand balancing, tumbling, slacklining, roller-skating, and clowning. Paula is an internationally renowned slackliner, seasoned fashion designer, dedicated coach, passionate acrobat, rock climber, snowboarder, crafter and lover of animals.


Steph Maes

ClubCal Coach

Becoming a yoga and bodyweight strength training coach, was a complete accident for Steph. As her journey unfolded, her passion for anatomy, alignment and fitness became undeniably clear. She is certified in Barre, Spin, and gymnastics training. She completed her massage therapy program at the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado and specializes in medical and myofascial bodywork, as well as the 10 Session Structural Integration Series. In her free time, Steph enjoys getting outside as much as possible, planning her next adventure, performing and learning new things. 


Jennifer Karro

ClubCal Coach

Jennifer is a RYS 300 certified instructor with a background in Software Engineering and Exercise Physiology.  She is passionate about movement and unlocking potential by capitalizing on unique individual strengths.  Jennifer has a back ground in personal training (NASM), with a focus on yoga, mobility, partner acrobatics and handstand balance training.


Katie Albe

ClubCal Coach

Katie is a former gymnast and certified gymnastic bodyweight trainer. She carries other certifications including TRX and personal training through AFAA, certified gymnastics coach through USA Gymnastics. Katie was a long time gymnast and coach for a team in Evergreen, and currently coaches the Junior Olympic girls team at Dardano’s School of Gymnastics, where she is also their dance coach and choreographer. She has been a bodyweight coach since 2014. Along with working with adults and children in the fitness community, Katie continues to teach in different areas including Montessori Education and Youth Treatment counseling for at risk youth in the community.  


Amie Bergeson

ClubCal Coach

Amie found her love of outside playtime and movement at a young age. In college, her love of playtime was expressed through Yoga, Tai Chi, and snowboarding. Eventually, she began her path towards becoming a calisthenic and bodyweight coach. It was instant love. Outside of Club Calisthenics, Amie enjoys travel, volunteering, healthy cooking, getting creative and participating in the many outdoor activities Colorado offers, her favorite, is climbing.

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