How are classes different from CrossFit or Yoga?

At ClubCal we focus on 3 main goals: sustainable workouts, reducing the risk of injury and having fun! For sustainability, it is important to understand the balance between intensity, volume and frequency. It is not sustainable to train high intensity, high volume every day of the week. To reduce the risk of injury it is important to understand the optimal posture of your joints while loading them with weight. Finally combining the moves that you learn into flows can be used as an intermediate step towards real bodyweight exercises.

I'm sore from online classes! What should I do to recover?

Sometimes you might experience delayed muscle soreness 1-2 days after your class with Club Calisthenics. That is a normal phenomenon that can happen to practitioners that are beginners to this way of training. Don't get trapped thinking that the amount of muscle soreness represents how effective your workout was. If you are sore at the beginning of your next online class, reduce difficulty or volume of each exercise. For recovery, you can also do some active rest days. Keep in mind that you are not performing arduous activity. Gentle whole body physical activities such as walking, swimming, mobility or stretching on these days are very beneficial.

I'm new to working out, should I try calisthenics?

Yes! Get ready to experience some new ways of exercising. Sometimes that can be intimidating, but we'll provide the explanation and easy pace for you to try it out.

How is the Mobility Class different than Yoga?

Our mobility classes will cover exercises for your upper body joints (shoulders, elbows and wrists) and lower body joints (hips, knees and ankles).

How will I progress in my skills if all classes are open to everyone?

The point of the program is to give clear, structured path to results, independently of your level of strength. Club Calisthenics facilitates walking you through different progressions in each follow-along class so you can progress at your own pace without comparisons with other partitioners.

I'm looking to lose weight, will classes help me achieve that goal?

The classes at Club Calisthenics are designed to build strength for performing movement skills. During this process you may lose weight, or you may not. That is a complex subject where the most important thing to understand is that your diet plays a much bigger role than your workout. If you have your nutrition in place the programs at Club Cal online will not hurt.

I'm in retirement age, would online classes be appropriate for me?

We are aware that age plays an important role on what people can do. However, every exercise is broken down and clearly explained for different skill levels. Independently of your age if you respect what your body can do, you will see results and most importantly have fun unlocking different types of strength.

Are online classes at Club Calisthenics good for women?

Absolutely! If your goal is to get stronger, more flexible, and help your body to move better, this is the place for you.

Can I combine Club Calisthenics classes with my CrossFit/Gymnastics/running/etc?

Priority is key to see significant progress and avoid plateaus, physical exhaustion, and mental overwhelm. It is important to identify what are your goals and schedule the intensity, volume and frequency of your online classes accordingly.

Can I just learn bodyweight skills from Youtube?

You can for sure find very high quality online programs. But there is tremendous value to be surrounded by a community that practices and has the same mindset as you do. Some of these skills will take a long time to achieve. During your training journey, having the right environment and coaches to support and motivate you is what can make the difference to achieve some of those bodyweight skills.Club Calisthenics focus on the process and attitude that each individual can incorporate in their training. The goal / skill is a consequence of that.