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Stall Bars

This is the first and only stall-bar course that will take you through follow-along classes designed to be used with your stall bars. Stall bars are cost-efficient, take up very little space, and can be used to gain strength and mobility for the entire body.

Sustainable fitness.


We've tried EVERY kind of stall bar made domestically and overseas... and there's one that tops the list in terms of affordability, quality, durability, and craftsmanship. BEYOND BALANCE ships free domestically and even offers a double pull-up bar! Get yours here, and use the code CLUBCAL for 10% off your purchase!

Club calisthenics

Why You Should Use Stall Bars in Your Fitness Routine.

Traditionally called 'Gymnastic or Swedish Ladders,' the stall bar is no stranger to schools and gyms around the world. Making their way to the U.S., stall bars are one of the best-kept secrets for at-home fitness training AND are an extremely versatile piece of equipment that has endless possibilities for use! 

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