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Calisthenics Exercises For Deskworkers

Sore shoulders. Stiff neck. Tight lower back and hips. Sound familiar? The world we live in today requires many people to be seated for most of the day, whether that be on the computer, on the phone, or in the car.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with sitting or even sitting with “poor” posture. The problems usually occur when we fail to move our bodies in ways that counteract being in the same position all day.

One negative outcome of this is the loss of joint mobility over time. The way our body views our mobility is basically, “move it or lose it”. Our bodies are very efficient in that if we don’t use a certain range of motion on a regular basis, our bodies may lose that range of motion as the years go by.

If you’ve ever watched a young toddler move, you’ve probably noticed that they’re naturally very mobile and flexible. We all started off that way, but as we get older, most of us no longer use the full range of motion that we had as children. The same thing happens when we sit in the same position all day every day. Our muscles shorten, we lose range of motion through our joints, and those stiff hotspots continue to aggravate us even when we’re no longer sitting.

The remedy is very simple: to move. There are infinite ways we can do this to keep our bodies strong and mobile, but sometimes the hardest part is figuring out what that looks like for you. That’s why we’ve done the thinking for you. We’ve put together a series of exercises that will strengthen, mobilize, and stretch the parts of your body that feel the negative effects of sitting the most. Our program strategically has you moving in ways that counteract the position we take when working at a desk in order to alleviate stiffness in the neck, shoulders, hips, and lower back.

Our team at Club Calisthenics believes that calisthenics is so much more than a workout. It’s about feeling good in your body during the 23 hours of the day that you’re not working out, and that is the mission that drives our “Calisthenics for Desk Workers” series. It’s hard to get the most out of life when you’re constantly battling pain and stiffness caused by sitting at a desk. We are passionate about this course (and even use it ourselves), and hope you find it helpful as well!

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