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DAY 29 - Handstand on Canes & Blocks

ClubCal Handstand Challenge DAY 29: Handstand on Canes & Blocks

---->> Beginner/Intermediate Drill: Practice kicking into a handstand with hands on blocks, yoga blocks, books, or whatever you can find. This can be done against the wall if needed, 3-5 reps.

---->> Advanced Drill: Kick into a freestanding handstand (or press) with hands on blocks, canes, bricks, books or whatever you can find as a block substitute, 3-5 reps.

--->> Equipment: Our canes and blocks are from Beyond Balance (use promo code "clubcal" to get 10% off!

Make sure to video yours, and post on social media via Instagram and Facebook and remember to tag us @club.calisthenics and #ClubCalChallenge


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