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Monthly Tips & Workouts to Master the Muscle-Up

Before attempting the muscle-up, you should have a proficient pull-up that allows you to get your chest to the bar and at least one very explosive pull-up. You must also be able to complete a straight bar dip at the top of the movement. The good news is that we will take you step-by-step through the different exercises and progressions to help.

If you're nerdy about fitness (like we are) here are 5 tips for you to keep in mind with the full movement!

1.) Remember that the muscle-up does not travel in a pure vertical plane, but rather in an arc around the bar. During the pulling phase, start a little behind the bar and let your body swing forward slightly before initiating the explosive pull. 2.) The transition phase is where most people struggle, but it can be conquered with practice. Your grip must be adjusted during this phase, and your hand needs to rotate slightly around the bar. A false grip can be used to avoid the need for grip adjustments. 3.) Once you are above the bar, complete the muscle-up by straightening your arms. If you find this phase difficult, practice straight bar dips to build strength. 4.) To assist your progress, try performing the negative phase of the movement by climbing or jumping to a support position and controlling the movement on the way down. You can also use a resistance band for assistance if you are close but still unable to perform the muscle-up. 5.) Once you can complete the muscle-up, train for repetitions, with varying hand placements, and even weighted muscle-ups. Not only will you be able to perform an impressive feat of strength, but muscle-ups also have several benefits for your workout routine, including increasing upper body strength, enhancing grip strength, and improving mobility. We encourage you to sign up with ClubCal to start your journey towards mastering the muscle-up. Our experienced online coaches will guide you through the process and help you achieve your fitness goals.


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