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5 Excuses we Use to Flake out of our Morning Workouts

Our fitness routines are a large part in helping us create the best versions of ourselves; in both our personal and professional lives. But waking up early, before the sun whispers over the city, can be difficult, especially as the early hours remain chilly and the Fall air beckons a love for all things cozy and still.

Photo by Jason Espinoza

But early morning workouts are one of the best ways to jump-start your day. Think of it like a morning ritual that allows us to peak in our productivity; prepping us for stress at work and a busy day of (sometimes ‘not so pleasant’ social interactions). The early morning hours are the ones that you have, that are just yours. They are sacred, and can allow you a stronger and more positive mindset, if you acclimate to the change in your routine.

Rising early also urges us to think about what we do the night before. Instead of a typical night of late outings with so many cocktails we lose count of how much we’ve had and the ensuing hangover – we intentionally choose to skip the first or second second happy hour, climb into bed early, set our alarms, and prepare ourselves for the next day.

Club Calisthenics uses workouts based on your bodyweight (think cool moves and skills like handstands, planche and flexible muscles) that keep us feeling strong and capable in our bodies, all day. Connecting with our bodies like this – versus machines at a gym – keep us rooted in the power of what we, all on our own, are capable of.

We’ve all made excuses for the lack of commitment to our health and workouts. Nobody is perfect, (see: definition for human) but the goal is to acknowledge the excuses and remember why they don’t make sense, logically. You have access to full body workouts, stretches and ways to get your blood pumping, available for you whenever the mood strikes. We recommend getting the workout done early so you feel ready and accomplished for the rest of the day. So what are you waiting for?

Let’s take a look at the five most common excuses we use to convince ourselves to skip our early morning workouts:

1) Sleeping Beauty

We all know how hard it is to wake up early, especially when our beautiful scantily clad or (hopefully naked) partner is sleeping peacefully next to us. If we are lucky, the relationship we are in can inspire both people to get an early morning sweat or stretch on. But often times schedules and different lifestyles limit us to thinking we have to follow suit to the attractive babe laying in bed with us. Think of it this way: your body image, confidence and hot bod are what your partner is attracted to, and one of the reasons they are probably with you (in bed) in the first place. By getting up early (after giving your mate a quick kiss on the cheek) you will demonstrate drive, persistence and passion for yourself and your body – and there is not a more attractive quality we find in a partner. Who knows? Maybe you’re sleeping beauty will opt to start joining you for an early coffee and rigorous workout in the comfort of your living room? The strongest relationships are the ones in which both people make an effort to play together and make health a lifestyle.

2) What time is it?

It definitely takes an adjustment to start your day early, especially if you have a job that demands you show up in the morning. But studies have shown that people who get up earlier every morning are generally more productive throughout the day, and more successful in their relationships and careers. It is about discipline, and the early morning blood-flow of a workout will set your day for success as you are energized with a sense of accomplishment before you even begin logging onto the computer. Your day is already on fire, your mind is clear, and you start work with a sense of confidence, peace, and full on rigor. Not to mention, there is something sacred, peaceful and inspiring about the early morning hours. You’re up early! You got out of bed, bravo!

The city around you may still be sleeping, but you’re moving around and witnessing the quiet moments that prep you for the hustle and bustle to come. Get your butt dressed and into your living room, log onto your workout videos, and you will live a healthy life void of any nasty regrets.

3) Yawn. I’m tired!

If you know the night before that you have a commitment to getting up early to work out, you’ll most likely want to sneak into bed earlier the night before. ‘It’s too early!’ we say as we slam Snooze on our alarm clock. Actually, it’s only early if you don’t get proper sleep the night before. Plus, there’s no better way to get your dopamine stimulated and blood flow moving than a morning workout before you start your day. Exercise, although strenuous and fatiguing, actually gives us greater gusto and more energy for our day.

Rather than getting up last minute, haggard and hungover, you’ll be starting your day fresh, clear, accomplished and you will feel strong and capable to do anything your day demands of you.

4) Nobody will know the difference This excuse is all about accountability. Why is it that we set our alarms and make it to work on time, day in and day out, and are high-functioning in our jobs? Because we know we have to survive and sustain. Interestingly enough, it’s the same for our health, but often times our workouts don’t take the same priority in our minds.

Just like any other part of our lives, fitness and the health of our bodies should be just as important as any other deadline, appointment or meeting. The best thing you can do for yourself, is to invest in your body, and in your life. And the accountability needs to come from within you. To be self-motivated is probably one of the biggest struggles we face as social beings. So if it’s lacking, use a workout buddy to keep you accountable. If you make your workout plans for the week (and have a non-negotiable policy) you will make your workouts a priority. And your buddy will be pissed if you fail to show up; ‘I made it here early – no more excuses.’ The accountability to get from your loved ones is motivating, long-term, as long as you stay on it! Seeing someone you care about early in the morning, moving together, laughing together, and adjusting each other feeds that craving to be seen, loved, challenged and appreciated. What better way to start the day than that?

5) Bloated Belly

‘I ate too much last night.’ ‘I shouldn’t have had that tofu!’ ‘I think I’m still buzzed from the bottle of wine I drank last night.’ Ugh. There’s no worse feeling than waking up and feeling bloated belly from whatever we indulged in the night before. But waking up early, and feeling less than optimal, reminds us that what we ingest actually affects our health and how we function the next day. You’ll start noticing what your body can and cannot handle, and which foods make you feel nourished and healthy, and which foods make you feel bloated, gassy or nauseas. And there is never a reason to put anything into our bodies that doesn’t propel us into greatness. Who likes feeling sick?

Use these early morning workouts as a reminder to feed yourself well during the day, and think about how you are functioning at your highest. A large part of our physique is about diet just as much as it is about our workouts (Club Calisthenics rocks the nutrition scene, too). And as we get stronger, we yearn to see improvements in our body like added muscle definition. How can I lean up and lose belly fat?

Our current cultural landscape is a hub of wellness and nutrition; from the hunter gatherer menu to paleo diets, the resources for how we eat are available to us and connect us, wherever we may live. Why cover up those crafted muscles with layers of excess? You are what you eat. What does your diet say about you?

You’ve made a commitment to yourself with your fitness goals so now, the most important thing is that you show up. You’ll be proud of yourself after every workout, and you’ll always feel better afterwards. Promise.

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