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False Grip Exercises

This article covers some exercises that can be integrated into a workout routine in order to progressively overload your false grip.

Photo by Jason Espinoza


--> Palms Up - Fingers Forward/Backward & Fists

*Keep in mind that false grip is a position that can potentially put your wrists into passive/active insufficiency

By using the floor to help with the wrist flexion, the focus of this exercise is centered on bringing your fingers into a fist.

You can do 2 variations:

1) Fingers Forward

2) Fingers Backward


--> Hanging Holding a Tennis Ball

In terms of static exercises, this is probably the best place to start. Load one hand at the time. Hold a tennis ball on the hand that you are practicing the false grip. Place your wrist on the ring and try to squeeze the ball as much as you can while hanging. The other hand can be used to regulate how much weight you put on the false grip.

--> Hanging Holds

Once you get comfortable with the previous position you can start hanging with both arms using false grip.


--> Horizontal Pull

* You can use false grip in any horizontal pull exercise

EX 1: Ring Rows

EX2: Inverted Rows

--> Vertical Pull

You can use false grip in any vertical pull exercises

EX: Pull-ups


Shin Sakurai is a dedicated exercise specialist offering 17 years of specialty experience in clinical rehabilitation, corporate wellness, and strength & conditioning

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