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Meet Handstand Challenge Winner, Tia Adcock

I believed in giving this challenge my very best... we're all in this together

Occupation: Music Teacher

Age: 33

Location: Wheat Ridge, CO

Years Practicing Handstands: About to start my 6th year in July. 0 athletic ability before then though!

ClubCal: What was your favorite part of the overall experience of the ClubCal Handstand Challenge?

Tia Adcock: Trying handstand shapes/entries that I normally avoid because they're not my favorites. I felt more free to just give it my best and not worry about mistakes or if it was perfect. We were just all in it together and I felt like it didn't matter as much how I did, but that I wasn't alone doing it.

CC: Which drill was the most challenging? Which drill was the easiest?

TA: I think the hardest ones were the pike ups, and anything from kneeling. Also, pressing was so hard, but I'm gonna get that puppy press! And my planche lean is rough. You can probably notice from that what my weak points are... haha :) Easiest was anything (minus kneeling) with straddle. Straddle ups are one that I've been working on a lot, so those felt pretty good overall.

CC: What aspects of hand standing would you like to see addressed in a future challenge?


CC: What do you look for in a handstand program?

TA: What do you like about the ClubCal style of teaching handstands?

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