Never too old to learn: A Stroke Survivor's Comeback

– A testimonial by ClubCal Student: David Roberts –

"You can’t teach an old dog new tricks or you are never too old to learn?

Well in my case the latter is true. I am 60 years old and having experienced a stroke 2 years ago and losing my peripheral vision, a lifestyle change was needed.

I’ve never been one of those people who loves the gym or looks forward to exercise; I’ll openly admit that I just don’t have the self-discipline or self-motivation.

I had a plan to set up my garage as a mini gym but knew deep down keeping interest was always going to be my Achilles Heel. I found training was a very start stop type of regime. What I needed was something that would get me fit, was fun, and had an end goal.

At 60 years old I might have left it a bit late to become a professional athlete. However, a good level of fitness would be welcomed. I came across Club Cal online and thought this may be the motivation I needed, ‘exercises with an end goal’.

Since joining Club Cal, I’ve loved training. The most important thing of all for me is the whole experience is fun and I look forward to every session.

I have completed 28 days to Handstand and live sessions and unbelievably I am now holding freestanding handstands for over a minute. I have a new level of fitness I never thought possible. The sessions are designed so you can interact at any level. I now have increased my self-confidence. Fitness for me now is 'Playtime'."

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