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Warm-up Your Handstand

In this Club Calisthenics online Handstand Basics class, Coach Grace will take you through her handstand warm-up series. This is a great stand-alone class for a light handstand workout or serves as a warm-up for more extensive handstand training. Your exercises will include:

- Shoulder and wrist warm-up

- Prone line drill

- Plank walk-up

- Crow hold

- Needle kicks

- Wall facing scissors

You’ll need:

- Yoga mat or comfortable floor space

- PVC pipe or broomstick handle

- Wall space

This is just a small segment of the full class. To follow along with this full video, along with hundreds of other calisthenics classes, visit us here, and start your free trial!

P.S. Did you know that mobility work translates into the ability to learn new skills, including handstands? Here's a FULL-LENGTH free mobility video, here!


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