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Hip Hip Hooray – Mobilize Your Hips

In this sneak peak of a Club Calisthenics Mobility Lower class you’ll work to strengthen and stretch your hip joints!

Coach Grace will start by taking you through some lower body mobility flows. Then you’ll do exercises that work internal and external rotation of the hips (these movements help keep the hips and lower back healthy)!

Your main exercises will include: - Front lunge to side lunge mobility flow

- Standing leg lifts

- Internal and external rotation with a yoga block

- Prone frog-leg lifts - Hip stretches

You’ll need:

- Yoga mat or comfortable floor space

- Yoga block (soccer ball, volleyball, or rolled-up towel will work as well)

To follow along with this full video, along with hundreds of other calisthenics classes, visit us here, and start your free trial!

P.S. Did you know that mobility work translates into the ability to learn new skills? Here's a FULL-LENGTH free mobility video, here!


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