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Manna Gymnastics Progressions

Road to Manna - In this Club Calisthenics Strength Upper online class, you’ll use manna progressions to strengthen your core, triceps, and lats. This class is great for anyone who wants to improve their L-sit and compression strength! 

Your main exercises will include: - Standing leg lifts - Plank holds - L-sit variations - Seated pike compression lifts - Hanging leg lifts - Floor core work

You’ll need: - Yoga mat or comfortable floor space - Two chairs or benches of equal height - Stall bars (optional) - PVC pipe or broom handle

** To follow along with this full video, along with hundreds of other calisthenics classes, visit us here, and start your free trial!

P.S. Did you know that mobility work translates into the ability to learn new skills? Develop strength in a fuller range of motion for your manna development with this FREE Mobility Video!


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